Meet The admin team

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Nicole Bright
Founder + Owner

Hello, I'm Nicole Bright, owner, and operator, of Portland Nanny, located in Portland, Oregon. We are a company devoted to matching exceptional families with exceptional childcare (whenever they need it)!

I know what it is like to need a trusted and vetted nanny to help support your family! My husband, three children (Winnie, Caroline and Charlie) and I, live in the Gorge - and absolutely love it!


When I had my first child, I was astonished at the shortage of high quality childcare options in the Portland metro area. I wasn’t in need of a full-­time nanny, but I was in need of quality care for those times when the planned (and the unplanned) happened.

When date nights, family emergencies, or last minute work requests came my way, I struggled to find a great nanny who could hop in and bring me peace of mind. Instead, I, like many busy parents, was expected to settle for the odd drop-­in centers with questionable care standards or sitter­-matching sites that felt cold and impersonal. Thus, I founded Portland Nanny in the summer of 2016.  Within a short time, Portland Nanny became a leading childcare option in the Portland area.

Portland Nanny prides itself in providing quality childcare and nanny placement services so that you will be able to enjoy more freedom and peace of mind.

You can rest easy knowing that we are just as particular about who provides YOUR child with care as we are about who provides OUR children with care.

Read more about how Portland Nanny screens it’s providers and our different options for childcare HERE


Jennifer Plummer
Operations + Nanny Manager

I was born and raised out in the Gorge, where I currently live with my 2 boys: ages 3 and 7. I have always had a passion for childcare and grew up taking care of others’ children before I had my own. My best experience was when I was an au pair in Iceland back in 2007.

I have worked for Portland Nanny since May 2018. Working for Portland Nanny has been a great experience. Nicole and I work great together to provide efficient and quality care to families when they are in need. Nicole does all of the hiring, while I work the front end of Portland Nanny and also help manage the nannies.

I look forward to meeting you all virtually and hope I can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that I’m working hard to assign you an awesome nanny to come watch your kiddos in your time of need!