• We require a minimum of 4 hours for our services before 5pm; all services after 5pm require a minimum of 3 hours. Should you need less than this amount of hours, you will be billed for the minimum of 3 or 4 hours, depending on the time of day.


  • If you cancel 24 hours out or greater, you will still be charged a $3 service fee if a nanny has already been assigned. However, we WILL refund your service fee if we are unable to find you a sitter or if you need to cancel your request before one has been found.

  • The credit card processing fee is non-refundable unless we are unable to fill a request.

  • If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged the equivalent of 4 hours of care.

  • If you cancel with less than 4 hours notice, you will be charged for the entire amount of your booked care.

  • If you cancel more than one hour of your scheduled care (cut the job short) within 24 hours of a jobs start time, the nanny is still owed the duration of that job. 

  • All canceling of scheduled care is required to be done through Portland Nanny, not via your nanny.

30 minute wait time

If a family does not communicate their need to change the hours of a job, or is not present at the home when the job time is scheduled to start, the nanny will wait 30 minutes before departing. The family will be charged the full duration of the scheduled job.


  • Services provided by Caregivers who are employees or agents of Portland Nanny must be requested through our company via a channel of Portland Nanny's determination. The use of a Caregiver who is an employee or agent of Portland Nanny without arranging the visit through us is considered “theft of services” and may result in charges to the Client for fees that would otherwise have been due to Portland Nanny for the Services. Should a nanny be released from Portland Nanny, for any reason, including own will, a Client may not use this Caregiver for a period of 1 year following her leave. After 1 year departed from Portland Nanny, this Caregiver is then considered a free-agent.