Hello, my name is Nicole Bright. I am the founder and CEO of Portland Nanny, a company devoted to matching exceptional families with exceptional childcare (whenever they need it!)

When I had my first child, I was astonished at the shortage of high ­quality childcare options in the Portland metro area. I wasn’t in need of a full-time nanny, but I was in need of quality care for those times when the planned (and the unplanned) happened.

When date nights, family emergencies or last minute work requests came my way, I struggled to find a great nanny who could hop in and bring me peace of mind. Instead, I was expected to settle for odd drop-in centers with questionable care standards or sitter­matching sites that felt cold and impersonal.

Portland Nanny prides itself in providing quality childcare and nanny placement services so that you will be able to enjoy more freedom and to experience more peace of mind.

You can rest easy knowing that I’m just as particular about who provides YOUR child with care as I am about who provides MY child with care.

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