You want the best looking after your children, right?

Finding the right nannies is not an easy task. There are qualities that both as a parent, and as a business owner, I look for when hiring for Portland Nanny.

Our search for more nannies is well under way as we keep up with demand for exceptional childcare. We are hiring nannies with amazing qualities. Such as those who have education majors, or are professional teachers, and of course we are talking with amazing independent nannies who themselves are looking to offload their scheduling headaches.

Not an easy task to create the perfect blend, but Portland already has amazing individuals who are a perfect fit for providing the exceptional care that we promise and we are always looking to expand our super dream team.

Why do we search so hard to find the perfect nannies?

Simple - there are of course matching websites all over the city which can throw both parent and nanny together but here at Portland Nanny the personal touch is what helps us understand a families need. We listen to clients and ask questions, weighing up each of our nannies against the task at hand. Whether it's your child with special needs who needs some extra care, a quick date night cover or a long term driving to swim class every Tuesday, we'll find the right exceptional caregiver whatever your situation.

All of our nannies are certified, background checked, certified and reference checked. That's an expense we take on so our clients don't have to. You can take your peace of mind, knowing your child is in the right hands.