Everybody loves a date night!

We certainly do, and we use none other than our own Portland Nannies to look after our little one while we enjoy some relaxing us time!

You can count on us to care for, feed, entertain and look after your little ones while you have some parent time sans kid(s).

We've decided to give you some ideas on what to do with your spare time now you have exceptional care at your fingertips.

First up, OMSI after dark! On the last Wednesday of every month OMSI goes kid free and puts up a giant party which us isually themed, with booze flowing! (Don't worry, we'll put the kids to bed for you).

Secondly - we definitely encourage you to try some ESCAPE ROOMS! My husband and I have done this a few times and they are so much fun! From being lost in the Jungle to having to solve Tesla's riddles - they will keep you guessing, frustrate you, but at the end of it all, you'll be happy and excited to try a different one!
You'll be piecing together how your kid leaves toys scattered easier than ever after one of these! But fear not, we can even clean them up while you're gone!

How about dinner and the movies? Everybody loves great food and a good movie - and with the nights getting darker earlier, and some amazing blockbusters around the corner, why not take advantage and spend some time enjoying both! Perhaps entertain the thought of a late night thriller - your nanny will be keeping things G at home!

Looking to get out into Wine Country and enjoy those squished grapes? Head to the Willamette Valley for delicious samples and breathtaking vineyard views. You might not want to drive home, but don't worry - we'll stay with the kids and prepare breakfast for them!

Whatever you want to do - we've got you covered. Our nannies provide exceptional care, whenever you need it! So have some time with your partner, or take some classes and learn something new - whatever you want to do, we've got your back!