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General Booking Questions



  • Are there any agency fees on top of the hourly rate? There is a monthly service fee of $13 charged at the end of the month for any usage in that past month. This does not change whether you use us 1 time, or 20 times within that month! You are NOT charged for months you do not utilize our services. *** As of 3/1/2019 the $13 service fee will be eliminated. Instead, we are implementing a $3 fee per individual booking for all new care that takes place on or after 3/1/2019. The $13 service fee (as noted above) still applies to any care that takes place within February 2019.***

  • Do we tip our nanny? Of course nannies always appreciate tips, but it is never expected.

  • First time user? Once you request the care you need you can sit back relax and let us do the hard work!


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